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Infragrams over NYC: DOE Fund

by liz | July 05, 2013 18:55 05 Jul 18:55 | #8700 | #8700


Above: Jason Finder shows off his raised beds at the DOE Fund, a New York nonprofit organization helping formerly homeless men and women achieve independence and self-sufficiency. Behind him, the famed Rucker Park basketball court.

Below: appreciating the absurd size of a 43' long fishing pole._


Pole aerial mapping above the raised beds at the DOE Fund

IMG_20130628_183717.jpg The telescoping fishing road worked great to raise the Infragram over the raised beds spread around the edges of the DOE Fund headquarters. The rod+ camera combo is quite portable, and fast to put back up once moving to a new location. It also attracts lots of attention from fishing fans!

My attempt and results

I chose six (6) images from the main garden area to stitch together, saved out a JPG that was less than 5MB, and uploaded it to The NDVI range was good on the resulting image: http://infrapix.pvos.org/show/DOE-Fund-stitch1_small.jpg


I added some white space to the side with the intention of leaving some room for the legen, and reuploaded it to infrapix, but the NDVI scale changed for the worse: http://infrapix.pvos.org/show/DOE-Fund-stitch1_small1.jpg


Questions and next steps

Still getting the hang of Infrapix, but excited!


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