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Infragrams over NYC: 462 Halsey

by liz | July 02, 2013 20:23 02 Jul 20:23 | #8611 | #8611

handheld Infragrams of 462 Halsey Garden, Brooklyn

My attempt and results

I shot Infragrams of this mid-lot community garden, hoping to see differences in where plants were well-established and where they were just getting started. I was also interested in

Questions and next steps

I'm wondering about the white balance card -- when is it important to use it? I feel the range in the example below is lacking calibration -- there are clearly areas of intense photosynthesis and areas where there are none, but the NDVI values are all middle of the road.



Another example of lacking calibration:



Wonderful photo of Rose




It might be helpful to try comparing these to the NDVI generated by Ned Horning's plugin, too, using the same photos.

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