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May 4 IdeasCity with Kickstarter!

by liz | April 26, 2013 17:50 26 Apr 17:50 | #7070 | #7070

Event details

Arrive at the Kickstarter booth on the Bowery just north of Rivington at 9/9:30AM on May 4th.

To start the day at 10AM, Oscar and crew will lead the crowd in assembling a rig like he did during May Day, 2012. With the crowd assembled rig, we will do 4 or 5 festival mapping excursions from 11:15-5PM (ending at 5PM). After each run, images will be brought back to the tent, and uploaded for stitching. All day in the tent we will be demonstrating how to stitch images together into maps using We will have two monitors -- one where people can browse the images, and the other set up as a stitching station. The back of our booth (6' wide) will be covered with Grassroots Mapping Forums and other cool maps and sketches. The large Public Lab blimp will be floating above the booth all day creating a timelapse video.

Follow along with us on


Kickstarter invited us to participate in their tent for the IdeasCity Festival. They love Public Lab and use us as an example when making presentations to other non-profits about how they could use Kickstarter to build community. Neat!



  • 1 6ft table
  • 2 chairs
  • sign for your table
  • 1 LED monitor
  • Power sockets for: monitor & laptop
  • Wireless internet
  • Helium tank (200 cubic ft)
  • Dolly for tank
  • Sundry items: Carabiners, key rings, 1200 ft. Dacron, 3 cell-phone chargers, 120 green balloons, duct tape, scissors, trash bags

WE WILL PROVIDE (all supplies currently located at Pfizer building):

  • SIM cards for cameras
  • SD card reader
  • Digital cameras
  • Nozzle for helium tank
  • UStream info + phone for streaming
  • GoPro camera for easy timelapse photography over booth, otherwise a regular camera set to interval shooting.
  • Other materials (like empty juice jug) not purchased by us for balloon rigs
  • Public Lab balloon
  • Laptop
  • Charger for your laptop
  • Thunderbolt adapter if your laptop is not a Mac / does not have a thunderbolt input and it is hooking up to a monitor


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