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Pm 2.5 network in Taiwan

by liz | March 23, 2016 15:32 23 Mar 15:32 | #12878 | #12878

Our taiwanese friends g0v.tw wanted to share a new project they are working on -- 300 air quality devices "LASS" by realtek are being installed in Taipei City public schools. This is supported by the Mayor's Office.



Here's the github repo for another sensor project in Taiwan: https://github.com/Lafudoci/ProbeCube and developer community for the mediatek (taiwan cellphone chip manufactuer) linkit smart chip with wifi (and new version coming out with 4g too?) that it's built on: https://github.com/LinkItONEDevGroup

Facebook link to the Taipei project announcement: https://www.facebook.com/DoctorKoWJ/photos/a.136856586416330.19357.136845026417486/728312837270699/?type=3&theater

So, http://pm2.5.taipei is focused on the project that taipei city government works on. Another g0v map, http://g0vairmap.3203.info/map.html , aggregates that and other sensor nodes, including the official epa ones from outside taipei:



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