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Make nametags for in-person events like the Barnraising

by liz | March 08, 2018 15:58 08 Mar 15:58 | #15892 | #15892

The lead image is a good example how to present a set of nametags: alphabetized and organized on the Welcome table. Make sure you have blank cards and extra holders for surprise drop-ins!


Here's a link to a google presentation you can copy, fill in with your own names, and add extra pages to as needed:

The layout was designed for:

  • 3"x4" cards with dotted border to cut on
  • The person's name is the biggest -- make sure you doublecheck spelling and accents!
  • Boots logo
  • A blank line __________________ for a set of preferred pronouns, example "she, her, hers"
  • enough room at the top for special marking tape indicating that someone is on ConductCom
  • extra blank space for:
    • an optional "do not photograph" sticker
    • tiny, adorable stickers

image description


  • printer paper
  • a printer
  • The template (linked above and here) a layout program (Google Slides? Microsoft Word?) where you can layout 3"x4" squares
  • scissors to cut the 3"x4" squares out
  • nametag holders -- often the most expensive part of nametags! Are there options to the plastic sleeve and elastic lanyard??
  • tiny, adorable stickers (usually of plants, animals, landscapes, and people)
  • purple tape for indicating ConductCom
  • colorful dot stickers to indicate anything else of significance, like "do not photograph"
  • markers for writing the names of surprise attendees, or anything else!


  • layout the nametags (use the template)
  • print them out, including a few extra blanks where people can write in their own name
  • cut them out
  • put them in the plastic sleeves
  • alphabetize them
  • pack them in a box to bring to Barnraising venue later that night or the next day
  • once arrived, set up a Welcome table and lay them out

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