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Outreachy proposal: Improve MapKnitter Lite for Mapmaking with Aerial Photos as a Lightweight Web Service

by livingenaanasebh | November 03, 2022 00:22 03 Nov 00:22 | #36043 | #36043

About me

My name is Living Enaanasebh Jamala Aka AndroGenius-codes. I am a front-end soon to be full stack developer. I work with technologies like vanilla JavaScript, React js, Node Js, tailwind css etc

This is my first time contributing to open source and so far it's being awesome.

I have some coding experience having interned with side hustle, ingressive for good, google Africa Developer program.

The only thing i love as much as coding is public health care.

Location: Nigeria

Project description

This project aims to make improvements to the image upload options for MapKnitter Lite project. the aim is to Create a page called local.html( i got the name from a mentor). In this page users will be able to upload images directly from their local machine. I am also going create navigation bar for the pages.


Create an upload option directly from local machine, implement navigation option.


  • Currently the archive.html page only accepts images from this could be a huge problem if ever goes down.
  • this method also prevents you from uploading more than one image at once. archive_page.png
  • Navigation on the website is currently a chore .there's no way to navigate to the other pages from index.html. navigating requires inputting the values of the page manually. navigation.PNG

Implementation of goals

  • Create Local.html page Implement a drag on drop feature. users are prompted to drag or drop their images when they navigate to local.html when they upload a file they are warned that their file is only available offline and that if they want to access it online they'd have to upload their image to then visit the archive.html .
  • create an API end point to store the uploaded images.


  • Create a Navigation bar with links to the different pages on all the pages


Week 1- Engaging with mentors and other members of the team, in depth study of the codebase, ask the mentors any questions i might have about the project.

Week 2 - UI/UX design and implementation of the drag and drop feature of local.html, provide a way to navigate to other pages from local.html

Week 3- work on how to store the uploaded images in the codebase .I Initially used localStorage but a mentor pointed out that there's a 5mb limit for that. I might have to create an API to store the images using Node Js.

Week 4 - work on preventing uploaded images from getting deleted when the page is refreshed.

Week 5- create a unique identifier for each image so that the browser knows which location to place it on the map based off previous uploads. I can try to do this by matching it with the name of the image.

Week 6- a review of everything i have done so far. Engage the mentors and my colleagues to look for possible improvements.

Week 7- implementation of the corrections from my mentors and colleagues.

Week 8 - create a feature that makes it possible to upload more than one image to the map this can be done by mapping each image to a particular location on the map.

Week 9- implement a feature that lets you save your edited work locally (still working on how to implement this)

Week 10- review and correction of previous mistakes

Week 11- review and correction of previous mistakes

Week 12 - work on other issues like creating navigation links, add link to local.html.

Week 13 - get feed back from mentors


Ample support from mentors .

First-time contribution

I Created a video showing how to install plots2 using gitpod:

Open issues:

Closed PRs:


I started learning software development about 2 years ago. I started learning with YouTube but later joined coursera and Udemy. I have picked up JavaScript, react js , node Js from joining various boot camps most recent of which is sidehustle Nigeria.


I have worked with the side hustle node Js community of which i was the team leader for my group. I was tasked with dividing the work among my teammates and ensuring that we all worked together to create end points for an API project .


So far the leaflet.distortable project has been my main focus but i am also interested in the plots2 project. I just started contributing to open source when I joined outreachy and i think it's something i plan on doing for a very long time.


As a woman finding her feet in tech this has been a wonderful experience. I hope to help increase open source contributions from women from different minority groups.


I understand that this is a very time consuming commitment. I have always been great at time management and I intend to show this during the internship. I plan on dedicating at least 5hours of work to the project everyday. If for any reason i have to cut back on work I'll make sure to inform my mentor and work out a plan to make up for lost time.


Hi @livingenaanasebh, thank you for submitting this proposal. Do you think we could get a breakdown of each problem and how you intend to solve them? Screenshots, code snippets or diagrams will be very helpful. Thank you!

You can look at these proposals for inspiration

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Please how do you paste the images I am trying and it is not going can you help me.

Place your cursor on where you need to upload the image then click on the image icon to upload. When you choose the image you want to upload you'll have to wait for it to upload before clicking ok. Infact don't even click on ok. When it's done uploading the image appears on your page

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