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Avocado tree

by konancyber | February 22, 2020 07:45 22 Feb 07:45 | #22898 | #22898

Late winter here,I'm finding out the water stress in avocado trees.


This is a great picture!

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Looking at the difference between the higher leaves and the bottom left branches: Do you always see water stress in trees at the extremities first? Does height matter?

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Hi kgradow1, Thanks for your comment anyway, I guest because the angle of the sun made one side got more sunlight then the rest of the tree(a lot of shade too). Normally I've been checking soil moisture with moisture stick meter and I've alway kept the soil moist under tree canopies normal (In moisture meter).And this NDVI report just help me a lot made my work more easier and improve my soil moisture "spot on" for all entire the tree.Thank Public Lab for developed amazing tool for us. Cheers. Ben.

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