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Help NEU researchers build better Citizen Science games [CLOSED]

by kksgandhi | January 08, 2021 23:01 08 Jan 23:01 | #25440 | #25440

Hi! I'm a games researcher at Northeastern University, and my lab is studying a citizen science game that we've developed.

We're looking for participants for our user study, and if you have an hour, we'd love to have you! (You'll also receive $15 for your time).

One unfortunate sticking point is that you do need an Android phone + some printed materials in order to participate.

More information and official recruitment text here:


Hi @kksgandhi - welcome to Public Lab! Thanks for sharing this opportunity. Are you able to share more about what kind of citizen science this pertains to? Does this game focus on environmental impacts, behavior, etc? Would be great for our community to know more so we can properly tag! Also if you have a link to your Northeastern University lab, that would be great too!

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Hi! The game is a general platform for citizen science, so we anticipate that a huge variety of projects could benefit from it.

In the specific iteration we are using for the study the game focuses on animal species and animal identification.

Here's a link to my lab:

And here's a link to the project page, the game in question is a subproject under cartoscope:

Unfortunately we are ending user studies at the end of this week (I found out about Public Lab a little late...), so this post will likely be removed soon, but I thought it would be best if I answered your questions :)

@kksgandhi - Awesome! We recently had an OpenHour event with team in the autumn of 2020. As an open source community, Public Lab really loves when content can remain up so others can find it, learn from it, build off it, and spark conversations! We have a tag system that allows our community members to find relevant information based off their interests. When your user studies end this week -- no need to delete anything. You can just update our post to reflect [CLOSED] or [STUDY PERIOD ENDED] with the original content. Feel free to tag me if you have any other questions 😃

Oh that's cool! I'm new to the team so I wasn't aware of the OpenHour, but hopefully I can be there for the next one!

I'll definitely tag this properly when the study is over!

@kksgandhi You can always visit the OpenHour archive (we record them all) to see the past event - it was held in October 2020.

To view, go here:

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