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Thermal Fishing Bob Research Note 3/31

by Kaya9804 | March 31, 2013 18:09 | 53 views | 1 comments | #6633 | 53 views | 1 comments | #6633 31 Mar 18:09

Hey Guys,

Here are some photos of our experimentation so far. Everything seems to be going great so far except for two things: -The LED light does not respond correctly to temperature change because we don't know how to preset the values for each color in in the ardiuno sketch. - The serial monitor also does not give second by second readings. Instead it consistently just exports 0.00 degrees.

Any help will be greatly appreciated! The link to the ardiuno code and sketch were are using are here


Hey Kaya - did you get the response from the guy on the main list? He rewrote the code for you...

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