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Update on Fishing Bob

by Kaya9804 | March 27, 2013 22:46 27 Mar 22:46 | #6565 | #6565

Hey follower Ploters,

So here's an update with the thermal fishing bob project Original plan here:(

A fellow Professor at Northeastern has introduced Sara Wylie and I to the Raspberry Pi. ( The Pi is a essentially a small computer that can record GSP and temperatures digitally in real time. Although the computer requires wireless access, with a network I can create a virtual network betwen my laptop and the raspberry pi, and have the second by second temperature differences appear on my screen. Graphs will also be updated as well. The fishing bob will still connect to a breadboard and will record analog temperatures with an LED light, (The original plan). Yet with this modification, we won't have to resort to a long exposure film as the only way to record the color change of the LED light, and have much more information to look at.


Can't wait to see this. Make sure to put your antenna above water. Wifi is 2.4ghz like your microwave. water will stop it dead.

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Hey Kaya, do you have any photos to share yet?

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