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The Scottish National Aerial Photography Scheme

by John_Wells | May 07, 2013 12:19 07 May 12:19 | #7288 | #7288

The Scottish National Aerial Photography Scheme (SNAPS) Pilot project officially launched 1st May 2013:


Hi John,

It's great to see you posting on this forum. Your experience and enthusiasm are much appreciated. Thanks also for the treasure trove of resources on the West Lothian Archaeology web site.

SNAPS looks like a great program.


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Hi Ned

Thanks for the kind comments. It is good to see the work of PLOTS too ;o) One of my favourite projects is:


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UPDATE This project finished in 2016 and is archived here: It is a large slow-to-load page

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Seven posters from 2012 on our community kite aerial photography leading up to SNAPS:

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Hello again after a long time @John_Wells ! It is certainly great to hear from you. 😃

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