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Community Soil Testing Using an Open Source Soil Sampling Toolkit

by jjcreedon | August 21, 2019 17:54 21 Aug 17:54 | #20618 | #20618

image descriptionHow the activity went: WE are beta testing CSCR's ( soil sampling toolkit with residents from Grand Island and Tonawanda NY.

image descriptionimage description

Issues I encountered

The first event went well. We are perfectly our cleaning procedure. Not sure cleaning in the bucket is the most efficient use.


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what are you testing for? Minerals? pH? contaminants? thx!

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PAH's and heavy metals (lead, mercury, arsenic, etc.).

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Hi Jackie, Love this post! How did new people just learning about the kit find it in terms of useability and understanding what was happening?

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Hi Liz, We are getting very good feedback. To get the kit ready to market, it appears we only have a few tweaks (manual, etc.). The biggest issue is perfecting the cleaning procedure- but even this, is not such a big deal.. Thanks for keeping an eye on what we are doing!

Awesome! Looking forward to updates!

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