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FABAoutfit derivative KAP rig

by jbreen | June 23, 2012 19:21 23 Jun 19:21 | #2618 | #2618

A few weeks ago, Juan from the FABA Collective posted this research note showing a beautifully minimalist KAP rig they call the FABAoutfit. Inspired, I made a trip to my local Swedish big box store to hunt down the parts for the rig. In my lingonberry-induced haze, I seem to have managed to bring home the white recycling bin, but not the S-hooks FABA so ingeniously put to use in their rig. Therefore, my rig looks a little different...

I dismantled my first picavet (seen here) and re-attached everything but the original crossbars to the base of the recycling bin. I used a box cutter to cut holes in the base. There happen to have been little circles left over from the manufacturing process in the exact right spots, so there was no measuring necessary to make sure they laid out right. (Incidentally, this configuration is essentially the same thing as a Rendsburg picavet.) In the absence of the S-hooks used in the original FABAoutfit, Jeff suggested that the camera's own mount be used to screw it to the side of the bin. Et voila!

The only functional improvement* suggested is cutting a hole in the base of the bin in order to be able to see the camera's LCD screen while it's screwed in place.

*Non-functional improvements (ie, painting flames on the sides or a giant QR code) abound.

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