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Kite mapping Barcelona

by imvec | April 25, 2017 08:37 25 Apr 08:37 | #14137 | #14137

Event details

Next Saturday 29th April we will be hosting a kite mapping event at the city of Barcelona. We will be testing a raspberry pi camera with a triangular kite. If possible we'll map the thermal station located close to the beach.

Date: 29th April

Time: 10:00AM

Location: Barcelona Forum Área (geolocation)

Who, why

Everybody is invited! Interested in participating reach us at 10:00AM at the red cross or contact us previously at

We'll have some coffe ;)

How to get there

Metro: L4-El Maresme - Fòrum

Bus: 7, 143, H16

Tram: T4-Fòrum

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We'll be trying this raspberry camera box ;)

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This looks awesome. I'm also ordering a Raspberry Pi Zero + camera to test out with a spectrometer, but curious how standardized/simple Raspberry Pi cameras have become for basic interval shooting? Is there a way to get one with all standard parts and an on/off switch and battery, all in a nice box?

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I'm still assembling the components inside the box and using a RPI2b (the ones I got home ;). For the power I'm using a lipo batery together with the Adafruit Powerboost 500. This way the pi gets the power via GPIO and a switch is used to turn on and off the camera. On friday I'll post the details ;D

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So, yesterday we were unable to put the raspberry pi camera in the air.Our kite is tiny so we'll try a gopro today.


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Nice camera kite mount! And blue color scheme :-)

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Black Box RC printed by @JuanfraAlvarez. We'll give it a try tomorrow. It has been a very long week and my body is asking me for a little bit of Crowd, Cloud and Sofa ;)

Black Box RC 3D model for Gopro:

Black Box RC 3D model for Xiaomi:

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