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List of electronic nose projects

by imvec | February 18, 2018 17:05 18 Feb 17:05 | #15760 | #15760

What we want to do

To create a list of electronic nose projects.

List of projects

Next steps

Keep growing the list. If you know another electronic nose project attach the link in the comments area so we can include it in the list.

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One place to find these kind of devices is at pittcon. It is THE convention for analytical chemists. It takes place in Orlando, Fl on Feb 26- Mar 1 and it is expensive. I'm not going. Don't know if you have a friend who is going and could keep an eye open for you. Maybe the pittcon website will give you what you need.
If a friend does go, they usually call these compounds volatile organics. He should keep an eye out for any devices that will detect volatile organics or v.o.c.s

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Thanks @Ag8n!

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You're welcome. Hope it helps. Good luck with your projects.

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