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OUTREACHY PROPOSAL: New Dashboard Implementation Project

by hardeydoyeen1 | October 31, 2020 11:06 31 Oct 11:06 | #24889 | #24889

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About me

Name: Damilola Adedoyin Ezekiel




Project description

New Dashboard Implementation Project: Bootstrap 4 and Rails

Abstract/summary (<20 words):


_Create a new dashboard with better features and design _



Week 1

  • Getting familiar with the projects and it's codebase

Week 2

  • Create a new page to display "all posts"
  • Add a link to the "all posts" page from dashboard

Week 3

  • Displaying comment entries in card format
  • Replace the people's tab with a comment tab

Week 4

  • Implement a feature that displays the list of topics subscribed to.
  • Display list of "more topics to follow", excluding those already subscribed to

Week 5

  • Implement a dynamic feature that allows admin configure contents to display without codebase changes

Week 6

  • Create a new dashboard without breaking the existing dashboard

  • Create FTOs

Week 7

  • Ensuring mobile responsiveness of all pages
  • Display Blog topic pinned at the top of the dashboard topics list

Week 8

  • Connecting topics search to autocomplete dropdown,

  • Write documentations

Week 9

  • Make new topics to follow work synchronously
  • Implementing AJAX at the end of the project

Week 10

  • Connect "Nearby activity" button to display once a location is added| |

Week 11

  • Add trending topics

Week 12

  • Carrying out test to see if the new dashboard can successfully replace the old dashboard
  • Using AJAX to add/remove new subscribed-to topics


Guidance from the mentors on how to approach the problems I might face while trying to work on the project

First-time contribution

Here's a link to my first pull request

Here's a link to the issue i'm still working on


I started learning front-end technologies(Html,Css and javascript) a little over a year ago and during this period, I have learnt a lot about Front end web Development and also worked on some projects which include:

I was also able to contribute to some open source projects during this year's facebook open source immersion.


  • Languages: Javascript
  • Frameworks: Bootstrap,Bulma css
  • Web Technologies: HTML, CSS, SASS
  • Version Control Systems: Git


I interned at DEVCAREERS for the progate program and also SHECODE AFRICA where teamwork was a core necessity. I collaborated with my teammates on several projects, some of which are:



I love contributing to open source projects source projects and it feels nice when my work is used by many people. The public lab community is a very active one and it is filled with helpful people. The response of the mentors and developers in the community to issues is very timely. I am looking forward to learning more from the experienced mentors .


I understand that getting into this internship is equivalent to having a full time job, so I'll be dedicating my time towards working on this project for the duration of the internship.


good luck! i like your mock up.

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