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Public Lab Installation in the EU Joint Research Center

by hagitkeysar | March 26, 2016 17:21 26 Mar 17:21 | #12894 | #12894

New Currents in Science: The Challenges of Quality 3-4 March 2016 , Ispra, Italy Early March I had the opportunity to present the collaborative work I do with the DIY aerial photography toolkit. It was a field talk and workshop in an open field, with more than 30 participants from the conference. It was a nice opportunity to do some hands-on civic science, and talk about Public Lab, with academics whose early and current writings inspired and provoked the fields of Citizen Science and Science and Technology Studies. Special thanks goes to ALEXANDRE PÓLVORA, now a Policy Analyst for the European Commission, who wrote a short blog post on the event, with particular attention to the workshop and talk I gave. During the first evening there was an exhibition in which I quickly installed a presentation of materials and texts, kits, maps and grassroots mapping forums that I had, it was nice!






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