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Net Neutrality: resources for action

by gretchengehrke | December 07, 2017 15:13 07 Dec 15:13 | #15326 | #15326

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Hi Folks,

The FCC will likely be voting to repeal Net Neutrality on December 14th. The two main modes of civic engagement to protect Net Neutrality are to (1) contact Congress (who oversees the FCC) to remove or delay the scheduled vote, and (2) contact the FCC and tell them to NOT repeal Net Neutrality. There are also protests scheduled outside of Verizon stores (since the head of the FCC used to be a top lawyer for Verizon).

Some resources for civic engagement are:

  1. Contact Congress:

  2. Contact FCC:

  3. Find a local protest:

There are some great informational resources available about what Net Neutrality is, why it is important, the regulatory context of it, and political and social analyses of the current proposal:

  1. For clear and concise information about Net Neutrality and its importance, please see:

  2. For more discussion of its importance and some regulatory context about Net Neutrality, please see:

  3. For a brief analysis from a centrist news source, please see:

Please make your voice heard, and share information widely!


Do you know who owns that photo? if you own it can I use it for a Net Neutrality PSA

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We don't own it -- i copied it from that imgur link, perhaps ask that person. Or just cite the source in whatever you use it for!

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