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Free Phototrap in Ateneo Atlántico de Prototipado and more

by geeksha | December 15, 2016 15:09 15 Dec 15:09 | #13788 | #13788

DIY/DIWO Free Citizen Science Community: the project was started with habitat association and Ateneo Atlántico de Prototipado (a lab which I was coordinating) science, society and technology laboratory.

Phototrap camera prototype with rapsberry pi. webview and semantic search of the videos in django/python3. efkin,Habitat, Quiroga and geeksha participation.

We need to test and optimize the prototypes and add new prototypes adapted to the biological study techniques.

Because it's so relevant to have a DIY citizen sicence community, divulgate the biodiversity and to be more independent from the traditional knolewdge institutions



Hello @geeksha! Great to hear from Galicia, I'm looking forward to more news from your beautiful part of the world.

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For any spanish/galician language Publiclabber interested in the development of the cam till now you can check the Forum of the Ateneo at https://forums.gpul.org/t/habitat-fototrampeo/129

And the other projects developed during the journeys using the Ateneo "tag" https://forums.gpul.org/c/ateneo</br

Hi bekix!

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