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Free Phototrap in Ateneo Atlántico de Prototipado and more

by geeksha | December 15, 2016 15:09 15 Dec 15:09 | #13788 | #13788

DIY/DIWO Free Citizen Science Community: the project was started with habitat association and Ateneo Atlántico de Prototipado (a lab which I was coordinating) science, society and technology laboratory.

Phototrap camera prototype with rapsberry pi. webview and semantic search of the videos in django/python3. efkin,Habitat, Quiroga and geeksha participation.

We need to test and optimize the prototypes and add new prototypes adapted to the biological study techniques.

Because it's so relevant to have a DIY citizen sicence community, divulgate the biodiversity and to be more independent from the traditional knolewdge institutions



Hello @geeksha! Great to hear from Galicia, I'm looking forward to more news from your beautiful part of the world.

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For any spanish/galician language Publiclabber interested in the development of the cam till now you can check the Forum of the Ateneo at

And the other projects developed during the journeys using the Ateneo "tag"</br

Hi bekix!

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