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Pole Mapping Rig Making

by gclout01 | July 22, 2013 17:23 22 Jul 17:23 | #8917 | #8917

I used 1 inch PVC piping to make an extendable pole mapping device with a two ended camera attachment to reduce camera spinning.

What you will need:

  • One 10 foot piece of PVC piping
  • One "T" coupler
  • One scrap piece (6 inch) PVC piping
  • Three I inch end caps
  • One coupler (I inch)

How to make:

  1. Cut in half a 10 foot piece of PVC piping and the 6 inch scrap piece
  2. Attach the "T" coupler to one end of the now 5 foot PVC piping
  3. Insert the now 3 inch pieces of PVC in to the top two sections of the "T" part of the coupler
  4. Firmly insert the coupler piece to one end of the 5 foot PVC piping
  5. Attach the end caps to all the remaining ends of all but one of the PVC pipes (3 total)
  6. To extend the pole, insert the non-capped end of the 5 foot PVC into the other coupler end
  7. No glue was required and the two pieces allows for ease of storage and transport

Total cost: $3.50

Now you are ready to attach your camera and map your garden. Note: The pole is meant to bend to allow the cameras to hang over the garden and prevent the pole, and you, from being in the photos for mapping.

Let me know how you make out...

Greg Cloutier Northeastern University, Boston








Sweet. What kind of infrared photos are those? Infragram?

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Loved this write up. I made one of these at a recent event. We were wondering though, do you have any suggestions for attaching the camera? Or pictures for what that looks like?

We'll be using your rig in this upcoming event:

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Stevie, I included some photos of a pole camera in this thread:!topic/plots-infrared/OoIAzTDshFE

Let me know if you want help building something like that.


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oh interesting. I like it. I was thinking of using a Lot of rubber bands. :)

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Yes, we used rubber bands around the camera to hole it to the pole....Let me know how it works out...Greg

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