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Bayou Sauvage H2S expectations, question

by eustatic | July 14, 2012 20:33 14 Jul 20:33 | #2809 | #2809


Three variables:

"Random" --per pole

very difficult to tell differences a priori, they all seemed the same to me--are post hoc geographic similarities?

height --four categories

could be roughly quantified, and made a continuous, rather than discrete, variable, very easily.

hole type ("opening method") --three categories

also could be quantified, made a continuous, rather than discrete, variable. but more difficult.

if results can be quanitified, or at least categorized, can anyone boot up their stats brain and tell me what statistical test we can use, like a chi -square or something?

can results be quanitified based on the color / darkness, and any knowledge about the density of silver molecules on the paper?

Apologies, but the site is timing out on me, again and again.

I would like to try again with a definite point source--sour compost in shannon's backyard?



Sure Scott, sour compost it is :) But I really like the idea of getting out with VAYLA to the New Orleans East landfill...

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