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marsh-H2S videos and some graphics

by eustatic | July 11, 2012 22:30 11 Jul 22:30 | #2760 | #2760

Shannon explains what we're doing, while in Bayou Sauvage.

Shannon explains the H2S test strips from scott eustis on Vimeo.

Scott explains bayou sauvage site selection on site.

this is a close view of the bubbling from a waterlogged brackish marsh (Spartina patens, note roots below the water = "waterlogged" according to wetland ecologists)


Big Branch waterlogged marsh bubbling up sour gas from scott eustis on Vimeo.

Warren Hicks and Sébastien Lamontagne. A guide to sulfur gas emissions from wetlands and disposal basins: implications for salinity management. CSIRO Land and Water Science Report 37/06 CRC LEME Open File Report 208 Australia August 2006 online at June 2012


Awesome Scott and Shannon these videos are great. I am just working on a research note about the samples, in shipping some of the labels came unstuck so there are four canisters that I can't identify, I'm posting some photos in the hope that you can Shannon have ideas about how we can positively ID the unknown canisters.

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