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Wetland Watchers map note, 12 dec 2014

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What I want to do

Document the balloon flight and kite flight over wetland watchers, dec 2014.

My attempt and results

One attempt was made with the little bear kite in high wind, a later attempt with a balloon. Kite was lost in high wind; with 2 mobius cams; balloon flew on 12th december, to some success. The kite and cameras were lost in the same manner as an earlier loss of a delta kite on a thin string in high winds.

The balloon flew high on the standard red reel, but not high enough to capture the wetlands restoration. I'm kicking myself for not using the high altitude string (3000')

Wetland Watchers 12/12/2014 EPA Stormwater

You can see the cypress trees in red, here. These trees have been planted as part of a restoration effort. there are also distinctions to be seen between a Spartina patens marsh, and a Roseau Cane marsh (Phragmites).

Questions and next steps

We should try again in January.



Why I'm interested

this is part of EPA urbanwaters work.

laplace wetlands conservation park ecologically-sensitive-site remediation urbanwater urbanwaters

lat:30.057208 lon:-90.370788 place:wetland-watchers-park


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