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Did NGS Fly over your US Points of Interest? Cartosco.pe can help you! NGS Quick Maps

by eustatic | September 24, 2021 19:47 24 Sep 19:47 | #27798 | #27798

The Cartosco.pe Project is an amazing resource for creating citizen science imagery ID projects after a disaster.

Now, they have created a simple tool to help spreadsheet GIS users to answer the question--

Did the National Geodetic Survey fly over my points of interest in this Storm (Inside the United States)?

Check out NGS Quick Maps!


First, Pick a recent storm that has storm imagery on


Next, upload a .csv of your Points of Interest. Maybe there's just one.

Upload your own .csv: (Columns must be name,latitude,longitude in decimal degrees)

Third, click "Update Markers" to draw your points on the photos.

Lastly, you can determine how many of your points have a photo! Click "Filter Locations" and Cartosco.pe will generate a new .csv for you! Handy!


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