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Bayou St John Infragram of new plantings 2015

by eustatic | February 24, 2015 18:24 24 Feb 18:24 | #11634 | #11634

What I want to do

document the relative growth of plantings in the BSJ restoration at the lake, and document the continuing migration of the shell bar

My attempt and results

6 ft delta kite, saturday 21st feb 5pm

infragram --> GIMP

in GIMP, distort -34, color channel swtich R and B, from RGB to B=100, G, R=140

to get something that looks like CIR. Chris Fastie does this better than me, but i've lost his facebook message to me.

Here's the wind tables for 5pm.

Questions and next steps

Make a map in mapknitter and annotate planting areas


Basically, the teeny dots in the left upper part of the picture have just been planted. compare this to the more bushy plugs planted last year, accross the channel.

Both areas that are exposed to wave action (north of shell bar) are lower in elevation than created marsh. they are also not growing as fast, although they are still growing. Diversity is probably lower.



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