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iFARM 2014

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What I want to do

Cross posted Event to FARMHACK.NET


This weekend meetup will be to coordinate open source agricultural and remote sensing systems with a focus on integration of air, water and soil sensor networks and coordination of overlapping efforts between university, public labs, farm hack and other organizations. There is a cap on the group size so please please RSVP to if you are interested in attending. This event will build on and current ifarm tool and will likely result in several new tool listings and an update to the existing wiki structure to accommodate the growing aspects of the project and the diverse communities and technology coming together.

Questions and next steps

review the links on the event wiki Commotion Wireless Apitronics Open Water quality primer iFarm photosync paper on image calibration for soil analysis by smartphone(e-mail Dorn for a copy if you are interested) "Sandboxed" wiki for adaptive management software



10-12:00 Presentations by Public Labs water quality initiative, Apitronics, MiLand, FidoII(WIFI), color calibration cards and a demo of ubiquity router and on-farm commotion wireless mesh networking installation. (public lab's water wiki is here)

12:00 - BYO brown bag lunch and things to share!

1:00 - 6:00 PM System integration discussion and development of project plans (there will be indoor and outdoor work spaces with wifi/power etc.)

6:00 PM Potluck Cook out and camping at Tuckaway Farm (bring your favorite dish and/or beverages to share!) featuring Tuckaway farm products.

Sunday 10:00 AM Brunch in-town or on the big grill up on the field

10-3:00 PM Follow up work in-field fix testing etc.

3:00 PM on - Head home after a great weekend!

FYI - The Friday focus will be on UAS remote sensing and be invite only and limited to those already using UAS systems to enable folks who are currently working on projects to focus, connect, troubleshoot etc.

Friday Schedule UAS focus - Meet at Kingman Farm with UAS systems completed or in progress.

some topics that may be of interest - setting up the multicamera NDVI rig in fixed wing aircraft -triggering it without chdk and with the pixhawk -flight tuning and PIDs -field flight kit and checklist review -learning some of the new features in Mission Planner - setting up mission points and the trigger to avoid "throw away" shots from bank turns etc. - refining shorter approaches and landing techniques in challenging conditions -discussing fail-safe setup -discussing different transmitter setups and programming - prop, engine, ESC, and battery usage efficiency

Safety - We will agree on some basic safety checklists and protocols to be observed throughout the time dedicated to UAS's.

Dinner will probably be in town (Durham or Dover ) which will be busy because of graduation.

Camping available for both Friday and Saturday


Hi, Dorn - is it OK if people bring dogs? Katie from Parts & Crafts wanted to know. Looking forward to this weekend!!

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I noticed Amtrak is not running on Sunday. I'd like to get a ride back down to Boston -- will anyone be going that way? Katie might, if she and her crew stay through Sunday.

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This was such a wonderful event -- thank you so much for a terrific time and a lot of delicious food!

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