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Riffle: one-sided pcb w/ breakaway mounting tabs

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  • all surface mount components are on one side
  • length of riffle board is now 100 mm (3.94 inches)
  • Added breakaway tabs for M3 screws

mockup (via





dimensional drawing:



  • make tabs curvy / rounded
  • update pinout on end of board to reflect insights from cell modem deployments


board files?

Is this a question? Click here to post it to the Questions page. files: riffle-0.96-tab.sch riffle-0.96-usb-tab.brd

ah no sorry! it's actually:

Haven't routed the boards yet -- will do that today -- unless suggested changes to design?

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does it make sense to put the mounting holes on the main body of the board, eliminate the "breakaway tabs" and just make the whole unit a little longer. It would be longer, but we have length to work with. Would decrease complexity of manufacture with a rectangular piece and no perforations, I bet. And allows people to use it in different configurations without making any "destructive" changes to their Riffle.

I do think it's conceivable that folks would want to use it in a housing, then another time in a project box with mounts.

could just be two or three holes, snuck in among the electronics, such as on this webcam example: webcam-example.jpg

Totally agreed @tonyc -- it'd be much nicer to simply use a hole / holes on the main board. .. Lemme see what I can do

if the board were 105mm:


yes! the one on the left is perhaps problematic because of a battery cable entering the JST connector .. though maybe flat screw will be okay ... the two on the right might make it hard to route to the pins, but with the board extended, could be okay ...

how do y'all feel about just having one hole? would that be enough to secure & orient the board, with friction, given how small and light the board is?

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I'd say 2-hole minimum, three preferred. I don't see a constraint on board length, so I'd go that route. t

whaddya think?


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I think two screws is fine. looks good!

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