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Science for the People

by donblair | June 13, 2014 15:49 13 Jun 15:49 | #10569 | #10569

Just wanted to share with you some materials and footage from an amazing conference that happened at UMass a little while ago that brought together some of the key players in the 'Science for the People' movement from the 1970s and 1980s to reflect upon their goals, what they had accomplished, and what they still hope to accomplish. I attended the conference, and was struck by how many ideas from the movement seemed useful for our community to consider in our own work.

A website that describes the conference, and archived some of the materials, is here:

Jim Lescault and Amherst Media recorded the entire conference, edited the footage down, and produced a wonderful series of Youtube videos. The first night's session -- which involved 'stories from the movement': personal reflections of some of the activists, and which I found to be very compelling -- is here:

I've only seen some of the other recorded sessions, and all of them are really interesting.



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