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Updated: Evaluation 2 GSoC

by divyabaid16 | July 22, 2019 05:54 22 Jul 05:54 | #20226 | #20226

This is regarding the work done by Divya Baid (divyabaid16) from 22 June - 21 July, i.e between the second phase of GSoC.

In this phase, I mostly worked upon the enhancement of Mapknitter 3's UI. I solved several bugs regarding UI.

Apart from that, my PR for image ordering in the sidebar got merged.

I also worked upon the Image version control system for which I will soon be writing a technical blog in detail showing how I proceeded with it and completed it.

I am thankful to all my mentors for helping me whenever I got stuck. Especially to Cess, Jeff, Gaurav, Sasha.

Please find the links:

Pull Request (Merged):

Pull Request(Open):

FTO's created:

Blogs written by me till now:


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Hi @divyabaid16, nice progress. Let's prioritize the remaining tasks:

  1. Spam Management on Mapknitter -- I'll start it this weekend
  2. Ability to apply filters to images (with Image Sequencer) and upload a new version
  3. Ability to order images in the sidebar -- done
  4. Ability to select a collection of images to export -- in PR
  5. View of all images for a given region in maps
  6. Ability to choose time bounding box (some kind of layer manager may be needed)
  7. Refresh background images while dragging
  8. Ability to upload new versions of an image -- in PR
  9. New templates and APIs to present images on any map, selected by a bounding box
  10. Image versioning, locking and reverting - the ability to view and revert to previous versions of an image -- in PR

So, after version tracking, let's complete #10 and then #2. I think #7 can be done concurrently while working on other issues.

Thanks, Divya!

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