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0.05mm Slit Gillette Utility Knife Razor Blade design 100X Magnification

by dhaffnersr | September 08, 2016 19:01 08 Sep 19:01 | #13432 | #13432

This is actually a follow up on my previous post on the two laser scans using the new 0.05mm slit width. I wanted to verify the width using my microscope, since the image capture program, AMScope has a pretty awesome measurement feature, also this is the first time I have used it with the measurement feature layered on the image itself, and didn't realize I could export it to Excel.

This made life a lot easier, because I couldn't figure out why it wouldn't let me save it as a compatible image file that would save the measurements, thank heavens for help files!

I will be remaking this image again with more measurement information on it, because over 90 percent of the length conformed to the tolerance expected of 0.05mm, only from a section at 0.29mm almost at center, did I measure a slight deviation at a slope of 0.0059653nm from a starting point of; 0.0207753nm.

This particular slit took me over 2 hours of very tedious work to get it just right and perfect, but it was well worth the effort!



Looking at razor blades under a microscope. Great idea! I'm working on a microscope which (currently) uses the lens from a laser pointer. Now that I have it working, I am looking for cool stuff to examine under the microscope. I don't yet have a good way of measuring what I'm examining. Maybe I'll buy a graticule.

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