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Raman spectrometer using green laser pointer

by dhaffnersr | January 10, 2016 20:08 10 Jan 20:08 | #12575 | #12575

I want to build a simple but effective Raman spectrometer for analyzing inorganic particulates in public water ways, drinking water, rivers and streams, ect., using a 535 nm green laser pointer. [20160110_142627.jpg](//

I have posted a few pics of my set up so far and have run a few trial runs.

My next steps are to fine tune this set up and utilize a by-pass filtering method for the laser light.

I am interested in this because I love science and I am a retired Navy Vet so I have some time now to pursue some interests that matter to me.





Cool! What's your background in Chemistry? I am a recent grad, and spent a lot of time in undergrad labs doing Raman spectroscopy, so I'm curious to see what you're able to do with this setup.

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Well I don't have a degree in chemistry, but I have training in it both in the Navy and a robotic's company I use to work for. My raman setup isn't finished yet but I believe I can really simplify the concept design since the principle is to excite the sample and magnify it so the detector can pick up the image without have to get all fancy and expensive with a high tech camera.

I have some filters that I use for my computer controlled telescope, so I am testing those for filtering the laser light from the detector.

Actually you could teach me a lot of technics for sample preps.

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