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Chalmette flare spectrum field trip

by danbeavers | July 30, 2013 17:03 30 Jul 17:03 | #8941 | #8941

What I want to do

I have not had time to do any analysis yet so in order to not be too much of a hindrance I am posting my slightly processed data from our field trip Friday the 26th of July.

The spectrometer configuration consists of the original $40 Desktop Spectrometry Kit modified by black spray painting the interior of the conduit box, completely removing the camera case, centrally mounting the camera board with hot melt glue on a 45 degree block, mounting the DVD grating, and attaching the slit to the front of the conduit box. The hot mirror was previously removed from the camera lens. I then used black art foam material to form a cylinder that blocks unwanted light. (I need to find the commercial name for this product.)

The centrally located camera now makes it easier to point the spectrometer. The original camera mounting resulted in the optical axis being at a significantly different orientation than the conduit box axis.

My attempt and results

I took video of the spectrums and then extracted stills. The original spectrums are not horizontal so these images have been rotated only. No scaling was performed.

flare2_7-26-2013 Flare image. flare3_7-26-2013 Flare image. flare4_7-26-2013_rotate.png Flare image. lamp1_7-26-2013_rotate.png Street lamp image.

Questions and next steps

Your are invited to process these images. The sodium(?) street light should provide calibration information.


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