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Public Lab Research note

Public Lab Australia?

by cobi | February 07, 2015 05:45 07 Feb 05:45 | #11559 | #11559

Update: publiclab.org/wiki/australia now exists :)

What I want to do

Be part of an Australian chapter of Public Lab!

My attempt and results

I just sent an email to the main Public Lab email list, and created this for documenting plans: http://pad.publiclab.org/p/auslaunch

Questions and next steps

Next step is to see the current Public Lab community response and what happens at the upcoming discussion in Melbourne

Why I'm interested

Because it relates to many things I'm involved with, and I think Public Lab is great.


Delighted to see the activity in the etherpad

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Yes, great to see the notes in the pad http://pad.publiclab.org/p/auslaunch and the new http://publiclab.org/wiki/australia !

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