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Career goals after Outreachy

by christie_reni | February 11, 2020 07:58 11 Feb 07:58 | #22752 | #22752

As I am in the final few weeks of my Outreachy internship I will be sharing my career goals in this blog post. Working as an Outreachy intern for Public Lab has helped me gain more insight into the type of career I want.

Here's what I have learned or confirmed about myself. I like learning and making things work. I like staying organized. For example, listing and prioritizing tasks so that I can work seamlessly. I like discussing with my team-mates, in the context of this internship my wonderful co-intern and mentors, and brainstorm about open issues. I have found myself to be more productive when I have some amount of freedom and flexibility in terms of time and space.

I am looking for new opportunities to grow as a developer. I am focused on looking for a job as a Frontend Web developer but I am also open to internships that will help me transition to a more permanent position. From my current internship experience, I have realized I liked working remote. Therefore I am looking for both remote positions and positions that require me to work on location in an office.

The types of work of I would like to contribute to are those that build upon or work towards solving issues in sustainability and welfare of our environment, our planet, and its inhabitants. Similar to my internship, if I can use my skills as a developer in these types of work it would be an amazing opportunity. I would love to learn and develop more skills so that I can contribute to the work that I find meaningful.

The skills I have right now are those that I can use in front end web development. I have HTML, CSS and JavaScript coding skills with some experience in React for web development and can also design websites using graphic design tools. I have been looking into back end technologies and have been learning to use NodeJS and MongoDB. I am also curious about Python and I often find myself getting sidetracked and trying out Python code. After I started coding seriously, I have come to realize that there is no end to my curiosity and that there are lot of things that I could learn to keep myself motivated.


Hi @christie_reni - this is cool to learn! I also started as a front-end developer with a remote position (freelancing, actually). I started programming more seriously through WordPress and PHP, and then found Ruby and JavaScript. Curiosity is definitely how I expand my skills! Thanks for sharing!!!

That's amazing! I started through WordPress and PHP too but quickly moved to JavaScript.

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Great to see your work so far @christie_reni 👍 😃

Thank you!

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Wishing you well @christie_reni

Thank you @liz !

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