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Fire hazard Vulnerability of Buildings based on their proximity to fuel and gas stations.

by christad92 | December 07, 2014 20:56 07 Dec 20:56 | #11442 | #11442

What I want to do

Make use of Geospatial Technology to assess the vulnerability of buildings (residential and commercial) to fire hazard based on their closeness to fuel and gas stations.

My attempt and results

Digitizing of buildings on Open street map. Acquisition of x,y coordinates of the fuel and gas stations.

Questions and next steps

How many buildings are vulnerable? What is the estimated loss? Are there any regulations binding on the siting of a fuel/gas station? We will be mapping out the x,y coordinates of the fuel/gas stations Integrating the data into a GIS system. (ESRI Arcgis platform)

Why I'm interested****

Fuel/Gas stations are constructed without cautions. Building share the same fence walls with fuel/gas caution. I want to make people know the risk involved.


The stations themselves are not the only hazard : You would be amazed about how lacking safety in the chemical industry. This idea would also be great to map industrial facilities that pose hazards to communities. Check out .


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Thanks. I'll check those links out.I hope they will be of great help

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