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Holiday Beverage Whodunit

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The glasses above each hold one of four liquids which could be found in your kitchen.

Your job is to determine...

Which one is Chianti?

Below are four clues to this puzzle.

Clue #1.

The leaves of the houseplant in the photo above are white because near infrared light is strongly reflected from the leaves of healthy plants.

Clue #2.

Three of the liquids are: Chianti, Coca-Cola, water. The fourth liquid is unknown (to you). None of the liquids was diluted.

Clue #3.

The following two photos are of two of the beverages included in the main photo above. These photos represent what they appear to: they are normal color photographs, they have not been altered, only one beverage is present in each photo, and they are not intended to mislead in any way.
IRbevRGB-561-7.jpg IRbevRGB-561-14.jpg

Clue #4.

The following two photos are taken with one camera which has been modified for infrared plant analysis. The camera's infrared block filter has been replaced with a Wrattten 25A filter. Photos taken with similarly modified cameras have appeared in many of my research notes here. The subjects of these photos are identical in every way to the subjects in the previous two photos. These photos have not been altered and are not intended to mislead.

IRbevWrat25-558-5.jpg IRbevWrat25-558-111.jpg
There is no trickery involved in this puzzle, but the evidence that could lead to the correct answer is subtle. General familiarity with Public Lab efforts to use infrared photography for plant health analysis might be helpful.

If you would like to submit an answer to the puzzle, leave a comment below. Don’t add any explanation so others can continue to play, but asking questions is okay (I don’t have to answer them). The only answer required of you is the letter of the glass containing Chianti. I will post the answer in another note in a few days.

Those who submit correct answers will be entered into a drawing for a fabulous prize to be determined after I see whether anybody submits the correct answer.

Happy Holidays.

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Potent Potable Puzzle

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