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Image above: Marzano tomatoes, RGB and infrablue.

Why do Infragrams of tomatoes make the ripe ones look the same as the green ones? Why doesn't NDVI distinguish the ripe tomatoes from the green ones? It's the same for six varieties, heirloom or hybrid, whether the ripe ones are red, orange, pink, or brown. We might have to figure this out during the Infragram workshop at LEAFFEST. Then we get to eat all the tomatoes (and peppers, tomatillos, cucumbers, zucchini, corn, etc.) we want. And there are a lot of these things ripening in the garden, so be prepared. Eventbrite - LEAFFEST 2013

The Infragram photos here were taken with a modified Canon A810 with Rosco #74 filter, white balanced on blue paper in the shade under a blue sky. NDVI images were made in Fiji with no histogram stretch.


NDVI of Marzano tomatoes. They are all the same!!?



Big Beef tomatoes, RGB, infrablue, and NDVI. Why isn't the green tomato more red in NDVI?


Black Krim tomatoes, RGB and infrablue.


Brandywine tomatoes, RGB and infrablue.


Sungold tomatoes, RGB and infrablue.


Valencia tomatoes, RGB and infrablue.


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