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Liz tweeted a rad Infragram of Brooklyn (above) that deserved some post processing. So here are some fun versions. Should there be a gallery for such images? There is an official Infragram-media wiki, but maybe there should be a less official place to share Infragrams.


False color infrared or NBG. Near infrared is displayed as red, blue as green, and green as blue.


Normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI). This one has a weird and biologically inappropriate color table applied to it (_5_ramps.lut), but it looks cool, just like Brooklyn.


The x-ray version. This is grayscale NDVI.

These images were made using Ned's Fiji plugin and also Photoshop.



How about we tag photos on flickr with "Infragram"?

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I got a message a few weeks ago that I had more than 200 photos at Flickr and could access only the most recent 200 with a free account. I think that limit was eliminated since then. So a Flickr infragram tag should work. Or maybe a group?

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