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Open Hour Viewing (and pizza!)

by bronwen |

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Join us at the Pfizer space this Wednesday, Sept 9th for an Open Hour viewing, with pizza generously provided by Public Lab! Open Hour begins at 8, but arrive earlier if you want to hang out, snack and admire the view. BYOB

This will be a low-key opportunity to hang out and catch up with friends and colleagues. I'll also be there working on some Wikipedia editing, so come after 5:00 if you're interested in jumping in and working on a plan for making sure that Public Lab research and civic science (in general) makes it to the appropriate pages!

Directions to the Public Lab space here:

630 Flushing Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11206

Enter around the side of the building on Tompkins, and into the back parking lot, and up the couple steps/ramp into the building. Greet the security guard, say you are here for Public Lab. Ask them to point you to the elevators, and come on up to the 8th floor. Walk down the entire hall past the bend, and the last door on the left before exiting to the far stairwell is public lab. you'll see our boots logo on the wall.


at Pfizer with Mark Doerrier, @bronwen , @eymund , Jeremy Baron and me IMG_20150909_213047884.jpg

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