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Launching a research area review on mine reclamation

by bhamster , laurel_mire | January 31, 2022 16:17 31 Jan 16:17 | #29075 | #29075

Image: Reclaimed mining land in Kentucky. From, CC BY

For the first research area review of this year, we're focusing on mining land reclamation. We'll examine what reclamation is and the avenues that community scientists might pursue within this topic--from monitoring sites undergoing reclamation to participating in regulatory processes.

Upcoming events to talk about mine reclamation

📅 Anyone can participate in this research area review by joining events!

  • Research area review kick-off call on Tuesday, February 8, at 12pm PT / 3pm ET / 8pm UTC (during Open Call). Come with any questions and thoughts about mine reclamation, and learn about ways to participate in this collaborative topic review.
  • Weekly drop-in Open Calls from February 15 to March 22, with a mine reclamation theme.

📣 At the end of the review period during the week of March 28, we'll present what we learned and created on the topic of mine reclamation, and hold an open discussion space to share remaining questions and talk about next steps.

Stay tuned for separate event posts with event dates and times and call-in details.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the goal of the review?

We aim to create resources that enable anyone with a local concern about mine reclamation to learn more about this topic and find information on accessible, do-it-together approaches to investigate the issue.

What will we do in the review to reach these goals?

We'll examine what mining land reclamation is and the avenues that community scientists might pursue within this topic--from monitoring reclamation sites to participating in regulatory processes. We'll review materials on and from other published sources, create and organize new resources, and hold public calls for anyone to join and share their ideas. We'll focus on:

  • Gathering and posting frequently-asked-questions about mine reclamation;
  • Talking with people to find answers to these questions;
  • Creating activities for getting started with research and advocacy on mine reclamation;
  • Collecting and organizing this information on a collaborative wiki;
  • Supporting updates to related projects on the Public Lab website.

👋 Anyone can join in on doing these activities, and any other contributions to this topic are welcome!

What are some ways to participate or follow along?

  • Follow the #mine-reclamation and #reclamation tags on and receive updates about new posts and questions on this topic;
  • Join us on a call: the kick-off meeting and weekly Open Calls are opportunities to talk about this topic and share your stories and experiences with it;
  • Share your questions about reclamation: post them on, or join an Open Call if you want to talk questions through and get support with posting them;
  • Answer questions that get posted!
  • Try out step-by-step activities as they get posted, offer feedback on them, or create your own activity;
  • Post an issue brief about your local concern with mine reclamation.

When will we do the review?

From now until end of March 2022

Why did we choose mine reclamation as a topic to review?

We know community groups are actively working with this topic in different locations right now, and we're hoping to learn from these groups and support and amplify this work.

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