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Legalities of 'map-knitting' in Australia

by aviceda | October 03, 2020 08:33 03 Oct 08:33 | #24692 | #24692

I am recently-retired photogrammetrist (type of cartographer) but would like to create a small-income, so am investigating the use of drone-footage and 'open-source utilities' like 'Map-Knitter'. I purchased a very useful UAV last week and have been taking footage of the properties of friends (...with their permission, of course.) but wonder what are the 'obstacles' in posting similar types of public mapping-material for 'general-access'? Basically how will I stand 'legally' if I do this without consent of the 'municipalities'?


Hi @aviceda, great to see you here! I'd love to hear more about your projects. I'm attaching a PDF that does a great job of going through all the legal issues in the United States regarding aerial photography. I'm hoping it provides you somewhat of a "map" (pun intended) for navigating Australia's legal landscape: Kite-and-Balloon-CSA-QA.pdf

Thanks Liz, I look forward to reading this, I noted (...from a recent Youtube video that it is increasingly difficult to fly a drone in public in Canada, so I'm becoming quite cautious here (in Australia).

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