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Vancouver Workshop: DIY Aerial Photography and Mapping, Crab Park, Burrard Inlet

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Aerial images, taken where you need them, when you need them, are powerful tools! Imagine being able to gather your own aerial images and build your own maps. With Public Lab's DIY aerial mapping tools you can! Join Public Lab organizer and Fulbright-Nat Geo researcher Ann Chen on Saturday, January 31st at Ecotrust at The AMP with Public Lab's training on DIY Aerial Photography and Mapping. We will be mapping Crab Park on the Burrard Inlet.

You Will:

  • Learn to collect aerial images using kites.
  • Use and explore with the Public Lab Infragram, collecting near-infrared aerial images.
  • Build your own maps with images you collect using Public Lab's Open Source

Join us:

Saturday, January 31st, 11am - 3pm at EcoTrust, 90-425 Carrall Street (Meet in front of the building)

Pack a lunch if you plan on staying for the entire workshop.

What to Bring: (Optional)

  • Point and Shoot Camera
  • PET plastic juice or soda container, 64 oz or 2 liter plastic bottle
  • Kite
  • Gardening or work gloves (to protect your hands when handling the kite reel)

This event is on 01-31-2015 iCal

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I'm sad I can't make it!

I want to let you know if you don't already that Crab Park is very likely controlled airspace. There is an active helipad right beside it and it's really close to the float plane terminal. Definitely call Nav Can and make a notam/get permission. I can dig up the number for you if they aren't forthcoming. I recommend Spanish Banks if you want to find a beach where you have lower air safety threats and don't need to make a notam. Vanier Park is better but I still wouldn't recommend it unless you make a notam. Anywhere near downtown is basically swarming with float planes!

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More suggestions for potential easy kite flying/interesting mapping/less air traffic:

Queen E Park Trout Lake Park (maybe too many trees, but close to rapid transit) Strathcona Park (prob good to do NOTAM here because it is close to downtown, but further from float planes and interesting industrial land use)

NOTAM = notice to airmen

NOTAM hotline: 1-866-WXBRIEF

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Thanks Melissa! I'll contact them and go from there.

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I will be attending!

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I will be attending!

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I will be attending!

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