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GSoC Proposal: Card UI/UX Implementation

by amitsin6h | March 03, 2018 21:44 03 Mar 21:44 | #15856 | #15856

About me

Name: Amit Kumar Singh





Gitter: amitsin6h

College: Marwari College, Ranchi University

Location: Ranchi, Jharkhand, India

I am a Open Source Enthusiast, Researcher, Developer. Currently, I am a final year student pursuing my bachelors from Marwari College Ranchi which is affiliated with Ranchi University.

Project description

In this project I will be working on integrating cool card style layout design in the website with this, the website will have a great look. It will pretty amazing to add card layout design this summer.

Abstract/summary :

This summer we will be working to on the front-end side of the website. As we see in dashboard and in many other pages of website having a card style design will give a great look to the website and even integrating the design in the website will be fun. After the integrating the Card style design website will have a great look and feel.

We will be adding the profile image next to the username as this will give a great look. We have the design ready so adding this to the website will not and issue, Only we need to know how to fetch the image so that we can show that in our profile image design which is next to the username.

Demo of the design:


Well I don't need much things for this but it will be great if

Mentors can guide me if I get stuck somewhere.


I have forked plots2 and setup is ready.


I have experience working with the code base. I have been also contributing to other open source projects too.

Github Profile:



How all started after completing my my Class 12th. I first started to work with HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Jquery and Javascript and knew how to build website after this I moved to Android development as I got curious to know how android app runs in mobile and this made to learn android development and also made few apps. After this is I started to work with Python and its web development framework Django. I worked with Django for 5 months and I also created twitter like app but it was a beta version still it had lots of thing, but it had features like create profile, tweet and see other user profile. I also started to learn PHP and also worked with codeigniter. I also worked with MEAN.js fullstack development, I also recently wrote a tutorial for a community on "how to create todo app using mean.js" . I am just curious to know things and this keeps me to learn new things.


Till the date I have participated in three hackathons from my area and with a team of 2-3. In the first hackathon we came in Top 9 , second hackathon 4th and on the third hackathon we came first and this shows the teamwork.

As I said, I also work with other open source communities and we know whats the importance of teamwork.


Public Labs has been very active, supporting community from my end. Public Lab has motivated me to write a GSoC Proposal for this summer. I see Pub Lab is great place to learn open source contribution. The best thing about being an Open source enthusiast it helps you connect and learn with new people.


I understand that this is a serious commitment and assure you that I will complete the work, also once am done with the card design. I would like to work with frontend side of the Public Lab website hope to bring a great look and feel to the website.


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