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Summary of Water and Water community call

by alejobonifacio | July 05, 2021 15:17 05 Jul 15:17 | #26950 | #26950

Some things that happen in the last tree months 🎈

###New people 👨

We met Alejo Bonifacio (me 😬), the new Water Research Curation fellow. To know more about him follow this link

###New wikis 📱 🏞 📈

Now there is a wiki page about AppEar. An environmental assessment tool for aquatic environments. You just need a mobile phone with android operative system.

###Community calls!!! 📢

We did not one, two community calls. The first in english and the other in spanish

Both community calls were about tools and projects to study aquatic environments with amazing speakers:

Joaquín Cochero is the creator of AppEar and talk about these wonderful tool and project.


Image: AppEar use representation, CC BY 4.0

Saulo Jacques is one of the leaders of Hacking Ecology that teach us how to monitoring water quality in real-time with open hardware devices.HE DL

Image: Nayad multiparamenter data logger, CC BY SA

Micaela Prieto, bring to us a DIY microscope and teach us how Vigilantes del Agua use this amazing tool to detect the bioindicators present in freshwater environments.DIY microscope

Image: DIY microscope used in highschools, posted with permission of the owners

In the english community call, the attendance was not to high, but we take the opportunity to record it. You can see it in the next link.CCall.png

For the second one, the attendance was really high. 29 people were present in the Spanish community call. So, the projects and tools presented in the previous community call, on this occasion were the focus of numerous questions, ideas and thoughts. Thus we met with projects like Cyano. They want to make eutrophication an environmental problem of maximum attention.


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