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EcoSen -> How healthy are our water resources? (In construction)

by alejobonifacio new contributor | May 17, 2020 20:17 17 May 20:17 | #23659 | #23659



We need healthy water resources!

Clean freshwater around the world is scarce and it is becoming more scarce. But we can do something.

We can measure water quality to claim to the government or to the people who is polluting it, so we are going to :

  • learn how to measure water quality
  • build a data logger for environmental quality
  • share our work to raise awareness about caring for clean water


Materials needed

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Hi @alejobonifacio , glad to see this project getting started! What are you thinking about doing next?

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Hello Liz! the project is about data logging and sharing water quality with open hardware. If you want to hear more about the project, I invite you to see the presentation this Thursday at 16 UTC And you can follow the project on twitter Sincerely Alejo

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Thank you @alejobonifacio ! I aim to tune in.

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