Public Lab Research note

Microplastic Collection From Mississippi River Water Bottle Display

by TheChessGym | April 07, 2022 14:15 07 Apr 14:15 | #30290 | #30290

On 04/06/2022 at approximately 9:01 am, the students of the the STEM Magnet Program of St. John the Baptist Parish School District crafted a water bottle display. The water bottle was filled with microplastic pollutants collected from the Mississippi River near West St. John High School. The samples were retrieved via "baby-legs" apparatus constructed by them in conjunction with our collaborative field exploration with Public Lab. The water bottles containing microplastics were then filled with distilled water. The students in turn decorated, labeled, and dated the bottles for a nice and aesthetically pleasing display. The photograph of the water bottles along with the "baby-legs" retrieval device is attached. This was a great exercise and collaborative endeavor.


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