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Rain-garden research update

by TJohnson | October 22, 2019 19:45 22 Oct 19:45 | #21264 | #21264

Our group has currently received Raspberry Pi cameras to place around our chosen areas.We will use these cameras to monitor the puddles formed during heavy rainfall. In order to figure out when the next rain is we will look at future forecast for the week which is Oct. 25, 2019. We've also got an OK from the facilities manager to build the rain garden as well as notes for where puddles are most commonly formed around the buildings perimeter during heavy rainfall. We've also recorded the locations of the various grains around the perimeter as well. We've also learned that our rain gardens would not obstruct any underground power or waterlines of the building. The only thing left for our group to do is get data of the rain runoff and the materials we may need in order to build the rain garden as well as form a list of native plants that will most benefit our rain garden and reduce rain runoff.


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