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Binocular Mobius Tripod for NVDI.

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What I want to do

turn an infrablue and RGB into a false color composite image as seen in Cfastie's page.

My attempt and results

multiple pics looking good, planning to use gimp 2.6

Questions and next steps

need to know how to use Cfastie's gradient with his .lut file

Why I'm interested

Theres so much potential in remote sensing.


Here is a text file with the RGB values for each of the 256 levels of the look up table.


yep, ive downloaded this right away when i saw your cool pics. But i dont know how apply it in or gimp 2.8. ive got many more IR blue and RGB pairs a few minutes ago.

the gradient tool is hard to understand, in GIMP.

removing the -1 to 0-ish spectrum and replacing it with white/black really helps the picture mean more in the 0 to 0.9 region.

I really need help, i cant get the .lux file to work. I dont know how to use it in GIMP i guess?

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Just checking -- this is spelled ndvi correct? There are a bunch of posts tagged with this spelling, hiding out here :)

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