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Coqui - Kiwi kids investigate ("AKL Mini-Makers")

by NCartmell |

AKL Mini-Maker workshops Terms 1 & 2:

  1. The kids build standard PL Coqui design https://publiclab.org/notes/ashkaya/09-17-2016/build-a-coqui-a-simple-water-conductivity-sensor
  2. Test it in various liquids.
  3. Discuss uses, Coqui limitations, water conductivity and variations due to temperature of liquid tested.
  4. Investigate various adaptations of the Coqui: A switch for measuring turbidity using photo-resistor+LED; conductivity probes; adding a temperature sensor (DHT-11).
  5. Investigate Coqui signal output, via Arduino, for activating a public installation of LED lights that can change colour and pulsate with variations in water conductivity.
  6. Investigate Coqui signal transmission to a webpage, for public viewing.

water-quality akl_mini-makers kiwi


Thanks for this Nigel! I'm especially interested in hearing what the kids think about the limitations and the new ideas you come up with -- like the LEDs that change colors in public to demonstrate conductivity readings!!!

Could you tell a little bit more about what kind of group this is, and how they became interested in the Coqui? I'm not sure, but I imagine that folks who see this would like to hear that story.

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