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Coqui - Kiwi kids investigate ("AKL Mini-Makers")

by NCartmell |

AKL Mini-Maker workshops Terms 1 & 2:

  1. The kids build standard PL Coqui design
  2. Test it in various liquids.
  3. Discuss uses, Coqui limitations, water conductivity and variations due to temperature of liquid tested.
  4. Investigate various adaptations of the Coqui: A switch for measuring turbidity using photo-resistor+LED; conductivity probes; adding a temperature sensor (DHT-11).
  5. Investigate Coqui signal output, via Arduino, for activating a public installation of LED lights that can change colour and pulsate with variations in water conductivity.
  6. Investigate Coqui signal transmission to a webpage, for public viewing.

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