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Malibu Lagoon & Surfrider Beach, Malibu, CA

by MicheleTobias | August 20, 2013 03:16 20 Aug 03:16 | #9037 | #9037

On Saturday, August 17, 2013, Alex Mandel, Michele Tobias, and Bob Tobias flew a 9-foot Levitation Delta (from Into the Wind) at Malibu Lagoon. A color GoPro Hero 2 took video (although we intended for it to take time-lapse photos) over the sand berm between Malibu Lagoon and Surfrider beach. We started on the eastern side sand berm by the Adamson House and moved west towards the trail though the lagoon and followed the trail to about the first turn-off before the wind slowed. We tried to take infrared photos with a converted IR GoPro Hero 2, but a mistake setting up the cameras resulted in the IR camera not taking photos or videos. Lessons learned: (1) check the camera settings carefully, and (2) the tandem trigger that came with the tandem case may just not work well with the converted IR camera and probably isn't necessary to get usable color-IR pairs.

The result of the trip is this video (sped up x4 to make it shorter):

Eventually, I would like to take frames from the video to stitch into a map.

Next time, maybe we'll fly higher to get more topography in the shots. We were limited by advertising planes and police helicopters flying low over the coast line.


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